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Dev Time: November 2020 (36hrs)         Roles: Level Designer, Team Lead          Tools: Maya, Unity

Made for the Ukie Raise the Game Jam 2020; Tri-Sight is a 3 player, online lobby based, cooperative puzzle game where players must work together to escape the dreaded office dungeon. The gameplay is asynchronous, with each player being able to see a slightly differen't view.

Player 1 can move and just see the world normally.

Player 2 can rotate but can see monsters.

Player 3 can rotate but can see traps. 

Designed with COVID restrictions in mind, this was a game made for online gaming. Players need to discuss what they can see with each other in order to win. 



Originally a team member planned out a really large and complex dungeon, which would have been quite fun. But seeing as this was a game-jam we decided to focus it down into something more digestable. With the players moving along a grid, it was quite easy to box and plan out the inclusion of enemy paths and traps. 

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