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/Tales from the Rift

Dev Time: March - November 2020         Roles: Developer / Environment Artist          Tools: Maya , Photoshop, Unity

Tales from the Rift is a 3rd person adventure game set in a folklore inspired Japanese forest. Players take the role of Kaida as she is searching for her best friend Hitoshi. Little does she know that a great Dai-Tengu has stolen him up for his dinner and Kaida will have to sneak past the drunken beast to save her friend.

This was an 8 month project, I managed a full team consisting of composers, sound designers, a screen writer and freelancers to pull this game together. Aside from the trees/shrubs and grass, all assets have been created by myself. The game / level design was handled by me as was a chunk of the programming though I did utilise external support for the climbing system and animation system for the Tengu. 

/Style Reference


Artistically I originally wanted the game to be based on Sumi-e watercolour art, but to technically create the shaders required for the style was a challenge. Focusing on what was doable in the time frame I had, I decided to rely on an aesthetic similar to RIME. I did however choose to use colour values from traditional Ukiyo-e woodblock art as my palette, in order to help separate myself from RIME. 




WhatsApp Image 2021-06-03 at 14.48.44 (1
WhatsApp Image 2021-g06-03 at 14.48.44.j

The level went through several iterations as the project went on. Because I had decided on having an exterior portion to the game, I originally wanted the player to get up high for a large view, but the time it would take / the amount of asset generation needed would have over scoped the project. So I instead chose to build down into the earth, into the river so that verticality was still present but everything was still kept at the 'ground' level. 

Please find my Game and Level Design Documents for this project below!

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