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/Ship 'b' Cursed

Dev Time: January-April 2019          Roles: Team Leader / Environment Artist          Tools: Maya , Photoshop, Unity

Ship 'b' Cursed is a first person walking adventure set on a haunted island. I was the manager for this project and the main environment artist. The island sits at around 200 by 300 metres in size. The island acts as a hub space, with the player exploring different sections of it at different times. The overall project was split between a team of 5 of us. I was in charge of the hub island. The other members of my team handled; the coral reef, pirate ship, whirpool maze and cave interior. 





I planned out the space to around about 200m wide and 300m deep. The island needed to feel grounded and large since we were only showing a small part of the 'greater' piece. Once deciding on a general shape, I plotted out the pathways the player would take, before building the whitebox around those paths. 

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