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/Seeds of Life

Dev Time: May - July 2021         Roles: Developer / Game Designer         Tools: Maya , Photoshop, Unity

Seeds of Life is a meditative VR experience that puts players in the midst of a  sprititual undergrowth. Players navigate the space by interacting with Sprites, playful beings that help guide and reveal the path. The game's origin was about mycelium networks, underground fungal highways that transfer nutrients and sugars between plants and trees. Our goal was to deliver the message that we are all connected, in an abstract way, using nature as our tool for doing so. 

This project was funded by the
National Film and Television School and the StoryFutures Academy. 


/Hand Tracking & Accessibility 

From the beginning I had decided that I wanted to try and push in some form accessibility. VR is notorious for not having enough options. Originally SoL was a standing 360 degree experience. To try and combat this, I organised a chat with Special Effect, the gaming disabilities charity and also did some research into Walkin VR, a software designed to help people. I wanted to design the game from the ground up with some of these features in mind.

SoL changed to a
sitting experience that focuses around the front 180 degree field infront of the player, due to that and time constraints we scaled down what we could implement. 

Currently there are 2 accessibility options we have in place. The first is Gaze VR; players lose the ability to use hand tracking and instead have a cursour which allows them to interact with all the elements in the game. This just requires head and neck mobility. The second is that the game can be fully played with just one hand. In time and with more funding we hope to implement more for visual and audio disabilities. 

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