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/Extinction Crabellion - Litter Pincers

Dev Time: November 2019 (36hrs)         Roles: Character Artist, Designer          Tools: Maya , Photoshop, Unity

Made for the Ukie Green Game Jam 2019; Extinction Crabellion is a 4 player, physics based, cooperative game where players have to clean the beach of as much washed up rubbish as possible and save stranded creatures to boost their score. We won the game jam with the submission. Unlike my other projects, I worked as the Character artist and Designer on this game jam, modelling, rigging, texturing and animating the animals for the game, as well as helping to design and plan out the gameplay loop.



By creating 'levels' of objects that are lighter depending on how many players are moving them it helps foster a co-operative nature. Bigger objects give more points but can only be moved fast with the help of others. We also thought that be seperating the tasks, animals to the sea and litter to the bins would comfortably stretch the players decision making, causing chaos if they try and prioritize everything. 

/Character Assets


I modelled and rigged all the characters for the game, using Unity's Dynamic Bone plugin to help give the beached animals all a fun 'jiggle' as they are moved.  

If you wish to play the game you can download it here for free!

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