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/Drogher's Walk

Dev Time: September 2019          Roles: Developer / Environment Artist          Tools: Maya , Photoshop, Unity

Drogher's Walk was an experimental game looking at exploring the "2nd person perspective". I wanted to frame the main characters' choices through the eyes of the NPCs, thus making the player consider more deeply their choices and how they come across to the NPCs. This was a solo developed project. 



The hill was chosen because it narratively represents the main characters path through the story. At the base he is grounded in his decision and in the knowledge of what he must do, but as he ascends more people question him, the journey becomes harder as the path becomes steeper. 

/Narrative Choice


I wanted to try and create a narrative game that gave the NPC's more life. For the players to deeply consider their perspective based upon the player's narrative choices. So by choosing a response they see how their character looks in the eyes of others.

Especially at the end where the player must decide on saving one person or a whole village. In the eyes of a 7 year old child, how must the player look when they make that choice? 



The idea started in one single location, before being scoped up to have a more open, non-linear feel. Eventually due to the short time period of the project I scoped it down to the linear hill. I also originally intended this to be situated in a forest, but though to go with a simpler environment to redcue the asset cost and focus on the storytelling. 


I tested several distances and heights before building the assets that would populate the scene. Using maya and photoshop I built and textured the scene rapidly so as to focus on the NPC placements and their animations. 

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