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/Concrete Jungle

Dev Time: November - December 2019         Roles: Character Artist, Developer, Level Designer        Tools: Maya, Photoshop, Unity

Concrete Jungle is an On-Rails shooter inspired by games such as Starfox. My teammate and I decided to try and go with an animal esque noir feel, completed with a Jazz band to just drive in a bit more fun. For the project I worked on programing, modelling the characters, designing the overall level layout and the boss combat encounter at the end. 



The level quickly introduces both enemy types and obstacles over time. Individually at first, so as to break the player in, but very soon they have to contend with different paths that might challenge either their mobility or their shooting. We wanted to always keep the tempo up, keep the pacing fast to help drive the action. 



After ascertaining the scales for the buildings, I went and started blocking out the city, testing the limits of what felt dense but still readable to the player. The underground portion was a later added to help with level variety and with reducing how much environment needed to be made. 

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